Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Virtual Salt Begins Again

Welcome to the new Virtual Salt blog. I should open by explaining what happened to the content about Howie, the mentally ill person that this blog was about. That content has been saved and will be the core of a forthcoming book, which I will promote on this site.

The next question is, What am I going to do with the new blog? I have, in the past, described myself as an "armchair philosopher," someone with lots of ideas and reactions to the world and the indulgences of its people. And, yes, like many others, I have been encouraged to have a blog to express these ideas.

If what you read here interests you, you might be interested in two of my books, Glimmerings I and Glimmerings II, each of which contains "1001 Thoughts, Ideas, Observations, Musings, Reflections, and Comments on Whatever Comes to Mind." Get your copies today, in Kindle or printed format on The ideas in them are fairly similar to what you'll be reading here.

Now that the first commercial is over, we can continue with our blogging.

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