Sunday, November 23, 2014

Retail Business Ideas from Trester

As I mentioned earlier, my brother Trester suffered from schizophrenia all his adult life. A favorite pastime was to write on "headline cards" what was happening around him. In the process,  Trester would occasionally create some ideas (Here are a few more.

1. The popularity of dollar stores tells us that consumers are interested in low prices. So, at the dollar store you enjoy most, feature an aisle where everything is 25 cents, another aisle where everything is 50 cents, and of course, much of the store is $1 per item.

2. Start another chain called Dollar Plus, where some items are $2 or higher (up to $10).

3. Pain killer hand wash. Wash your hands and the pain will go away. The pain killer could be marketed as either a fashion accessory (hand cream) or as something that could save your life (squirt a short burst of  water or lemonade at your "enemy." Similar to Paint Ball but likely to be fore fun.

4. Start a magazine called "The Weekly Recap," that runs unedited news columns from prestigious newspapers and magazine, together with commentaries about new books and other products.

5. TV sitcom series, The Party, where teens or twenty somethings interact at a party, with focus on just two or three people from the party for each episode. The fact that all the characters are attending the same party forms a connecting bridge between episodes, as the opportunity to put characters from one clique into another for an episode further allows interconnections.                                                

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